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Flagler County Accident Lawyer & Family Law Attorney

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Personal Injury and Family Law Attorney

I am very proud to represent individuals and families seeking justice for injuries as a result of serious accidents and defective products.  Serious injuries can occur as the result of a variety of accidents including car and truck accidents, slip and falls and other premises liability claims. My goal is to always seek the best results for my clients


One of my earliest legal memories is seeing the television news about the Ford Pinto exploding when it was rear ended. This was particularly frightening to me because every morning I was driven to elementary school in the back of a Ford Pinto. While nothing bad ever happened to my family in that car I remember seeing the terrifying images and feeling deep sadness for the victims and their families. As I grew up, I naively assumed that manufacturers would always create products that met the very highest safety standards to protect their customers. Clearly that is not the case.  All these years later and I still meet people and surviving families that have suffered the consequences of negligent and careless actions by individuals and major manufacturing companies.

It is hard to imagine that after all this time people are still being injured and killed because major corporations place profits over consumer safety.

If you or a loved one has been in a serious accident, contact Flagler Personal Injury Lawyer William B. White, Esq. today for representation in any of the following legal matters.

Auto Accidents

Slip and Fall Accidents

Truck Accidents

Motorcycle Accidents

Boating Accidents

Bicycle Accidents

Dog Bites

Pedestrian Accidents

William B. White, Esq,

William B. White, Esq,

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Palm Coast Family Law Attorney

Our lives are often defined by a few dramatic and life altering experiences. Unfortunately, many of these life altering experiences are going to include the legal system. Similar to a serious injury, divorce and family law issues can be just as extreme and emotionally challenging.


I feel it is my job to help my family law clients get through this challenging time by getting them everything they deserve under the law and get this done as quickly as possible. The sooner you can get on with your new life, the better. 

I can meet with you at my offices in Flagler or Orange County. I represent clients in Orlando, Palm Coast , Flagler Beach and throughout Central Florida.

Latest Cases
Feb. 2018
$300,000+ Jury Verdict for Serious Hand Injury :

My client was left with 2 significantly damaged fingers on his dominant hand when he  was injured riding an aggressively  operated mechanical bull.  I tried the case in Palm Beach County  in Feb. 2018 and the jury returned a verdict of just over 300k.

Man Attacked by Bed Bugs while he slept at South Florida Hotel

My client was a guest of a hotel in the Miami area when he awoke in the early hours of the morning to find multiple bed bugs bites all over his body. 

These types of attacks are becoming more and more common

Client Burned by Black Henna Tattoo

As was customary in her culture, our client wanted a henna tattoo for a special occasion she was attending. Unbeknownst to her the artist used an inferior product that resulted in permanent scarring of both her hands.

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