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William B. White, Esq.

I graduated from Fordham University School of Law in New York City in 1996 at the start of the internet/technology revolution. While my plan to seek justice and fairness in the courtroom was very strong, the call of a technology revolution was more than I could resist. Shortly after passing the New York Bar I went to work for a small technology start up and spent the next several years of my life advancing the use of technology throughout the United States Court System. I also worked with US Attorneys’ offices, state courts and district attorneys’ offices throughout the country helping them utilize the latest technologies in the practice of law.


In 2004 I began working at the largest legal publisher in the world, Thomson Reuters. After a 10+ year career at a Fortune 500 company helping law firms improve their businesses through technology my desire to help those in need of legal help has never faded. As I grew older I felt a strong pull back to the legal profession for several years.


I am very proud to help seek justice for people injured as a result of defective products and serious accidents as well as help people deal with their divorce and family law issues.

Dedicated to Individuals and Small Businesses, Not Corporations

While I spent the first part of my career working for a very large corporation, I must admit it left me feeling a bit empty inside. I grew up in a small business family with my parents, grandparents and aunt and uncle owning and managing neighborhood restaurants. This has given both an understanding and empathy with small business owners. I am pleased and proud to help small businesses people deal with the many business disputes that come up when running a small business.  

I am very excited about spending the rest of my professional career as a member of the legal profession helping individuals and families in their time of need with the daunting process of navigating our legal system.

When I am not zealously representing my clients you will find me spending time with my family, fishing offshore or cycling the beautiful roads of Central Florida.​ 

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