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Shoulder Injury Attorney

Have you suffered a shoulder injury in a Florida Accident? 

From my offices in Flagler and Orange Counties I represent shoulder injury victims and their families throughout Central Florida.  If your shoulder injury was caused by the negligence or intentional acts of another I would be happy to meet with you and discuss what legal remedies are available for your particular situation. I am always available for home or hospital visits throughout Central Florida or we can arrange to meet in Orlando or my Flagler Beach office.

Common Causes of Shoulder Injuries

Some of the most common causes of shoulder injuries include car accidents, motorcycle accidents and slip and fall accidents. Unlike back injuries, shoulder injuries are often the result the injured person trying to adjust or brace for the impact of an accident. Generally, if a car makes a left turn in front of you most drivers will grasp the steering wheel, straighten their arms and  brace for impact. This can help diminish the impact to the head and neck but the force is pushed into the shoulders causing tissue damage and potential fracture of the shoulder socket.

The most common causes of shoulder injuries are:

1. Motor vehicle accidents

2. Falls
3. Sports-related accidents 

Common shoulder injuries include:

1. Rotator Cuff Tears  - The tissues that connect the muscle and bone in your shoulder can become fully or partially torn making it difficult and painful to raise your arm.

2. Labral Tears - The Labrum is a piece of cartilage that keeps the shoulder socket properly aligned. If this cartilage is damaged it is likely you require surgery to clean up the damage

3. Broken Clavicle- Collar bone break - A hard impact on your shoulder can break  the narrow bone between your shoulder and neck directly above your chest.

4. Broken Scapula- This is the bone more commonly known as the Shoulder blade. This is a very strong bone which requires a powerful impact in order for it to break. Becasue it requires so much force to break the scapula, it is often one of several injuries that happen at the same time.

Taping a shoulder wound

FREE CONSULTATION - I can come to your Home or Hospital 

These injuries are not always apparent in the days or weeks following an accident and tear injuries will not show up on a an emergency room x-ray. Insurance companies will act quickly to settle your bodily injury claim before you may get a complete diagnosis. It is important to speak to an experienced Injury Lawyer if you or a loved one has suffered a shoulder injury in an accident.


Treatment of Shoulder Injuries
There are many options available for these injuries, including therapy, injections and surgery.


Depending on the severity of the injury your treatment may start conservatively (therapy) and progress to surgery if required. Many shoulder injuries can be treated by immobilizing the the arm in a sling. One thing that appears to be consistent in all cases is that recovery from a shoulder is usually very painful.

Rehabilitation is the cornerstone of treatment designed to help the injured recover as much function as possible. Treatments    include working with a number of specialists, including physical and occupational therapists

Pursuing A Shoulder Injury Lawsuit

Types of Claims 

Depending on how the injury happened, there are different types of lawsuits that may be available:

  1.  Personal injury lawsuit: if the injury resulted from an individual's negligence, like an auto accident

  2.  Medical malpractice:

  3.   Products liability: if the injury resulted from a defective product, like a seatbelt

  4.   Premises liability: Also known as a Slip and Fall accident



I will be happy to review the facts of your specific case and determine which type of claim to pursue according to the circumstances of your particular situation.

The types of compensation available in a Florida Spinal Cord Injury Lawsuit include:
•        Loss of wages
•        Loss of future earning capacity
•        Medical expenses
•        Future anticipated medical expenses
•        Pain and suffering


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