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Palm Coast Boat Accident Lawyer

The US Coast Guard reports that in 2016 (the most recent year that data is available), Florida had 684 serious boating accidents resulting in 70 deaths. The majority of the accidents involved recreational boats.

Florida is a boaters paradise because it is home to hundreds of lakes, the intracoastal waterway and the longest coast shoreline in the country.  Unfortunately, boaters regularly suffer serious or fatal injuries due to negligent boating and sometimes intoxicated boat operators. Victims of boat accidents have legal rights, but must understand their options and take action to protect themselves.  A Florida boating accident lawyer in Flagler Beach can help protect those rights.


Call me now so I can begin gathering evidence the evidence needed to seek compensation for your losses. The first few days after a boat or Jet Ski accident are crucial in gathering and preserving evidence, because the nature of a water-related accident leads to quick deterioration of the accident scene. I will act quickly and work with local or state officials to secure the boat or personal watercraft involved for inspection and make sure that your interests are protected. Schedule a free consultation today to get your case started.

How Can a Florida Boating Accident Lawyer in Palm Coast Help?

I am pleased to represent clients who need a Flagler County boating accident lawyer in Flagler Beach. I represent the operators and passengers of personal watercrafts and boast, as well as other victims injured on the water.  I can also represent  swimmers and water skiers run over or hit by a boat or Jet Ski. I will assist accident victims to find insurance coverage, deal with insurers, and follow through with all legal steps necessary to make a claim for compensation.

In boating accidents there are a number of parties that may be held responsible for your injuries. The first place to look is the watercraft involved. Depending on the age and experience of the operator, the next place to look is the owner or guardian who entrusted the boat or Jet Ski to the minor. If the boat is a commercial vessel or under corporate ownership, the commercial policy or general liability policy may apply to the claim. When dealing with a manufacturing defect or other mechanical problem, the manufacturer or maintenance provider for the watercraft may be responsible. I will track down all parties who could be at fault, and I’ll work hard to make a case against them.

Contact a Palm Coast Boat Accident Lawyer

When you need help from a Florida boat accident lawyer in Palm Coast or Flagler Beach, give me a call today to schedule a free consultation and get started on pursuing a claim for damages.  There is no fee to evaluate your case and, if I represent you, you pay legal fees when I win compensation on your claim. Call now to learn more 386-693-3293.

As a Boat Owner and Avid Offshore Fisherman, I understand first hand the perils of recreation on the water. If you have been harmed by another boaters negligence I will FIGHT to the bitter end to get you JUSTICE. 

Florida Car Accident Damage

FREE 30 MINUTE CONSULTATION at my Office or I can come to your Home or Hospital 


Injured in a Flagler County Jet Ski or Boating Accident?

Jet Ski and boating accidents can occur due to a number of factors, including:

  • Colliding with another vessel

  • Colliding with a fixed object

  • Speeding

  • Negligent entrustment

  • Drug/alcohol use

  • Grounding

Due to the lack of physical protection to riders and passengers on jet skis and boats, the injuries are usually severe when accidents occur.  Determining how an accident happened is essential to holding party responsible for your medical bills and other economic and non-financial losses.

Important Steps after a Boat or Watercraft Accident


If there are witnesses try to get their names and phone numbers. They may be hesitant to cooperate but let them know it is just a precaution.

Seek Medical Attention
I generally see two types of reactions to an accident. The first is when someone has a broken bone, an open wound or loses consciousness. In these cases the coast guard or local law enforcement usually responds so medical help comes to the victim or they are transported. The second scenario is when a victim has an accident but due to the shock and embarrassment they want to leave the area as quickly as possible. In these cases the person goes home and simply wants the situation to pass. Unfortunately, once the emotions and shock wear off, the pain sets in. It can be hours later or the next morning. It is important to seek medical help as soon after your accident as possible because you cannot always determine the extent of your injury without a proper evaluation.


Contact Your Boat Insurance Company 

If you have bodily injury and collision coverage, It is crucial to let them know you will be making a claim. If you were a passenger please contact an attorney right away. You may need a lawyer to deal directly with the boat owners insurance company.

Have your Attorney Contact the At-Fault Boaters Insurance

If there is one piece of advise I hope you take away from this website, it is this: Do not give a statement to the adverse Boaters Insurance Company. There may be 1% of the time when that is appropriate but it is best to let an attorney decide when that is.

Contact a Palm Coast Boating Accident Lawyer

I would be pleased to represent you in your boat accident claim. There are many important steps to take in the days immediately following the accident to protect your legal claim. Some of these important actions include examining the watercraft or location before any repairs or changes are made, preserving evidence and protecting your right to recover. 

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