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Facing divorce is not easy. People need to feel trust and confidence in their divorce attorney. Many clients have told me my greatest asset is my ability to help maintain calm, stability and focus even in the more stressful legal situation. I am pleased to bring compassionate legal representation to those in need during a highly emotionally time in their life. I will take the time to listen to my clients and give them the appropriate advice regarding their divorce objectives. I am not here to provide unrealistic expectations, or get into hotly contested arguments with the other party. When necessary, I will act aggressively on your behalf, but keep in mind that while family law is highly emotional, at its core it is about calm and informed contract negotiations. When you entered your marriage it was a contract, when you end your marriage the law provides a specific set of rules on how to end that contract. It is my job to ensure that you get everything you deserve under these laws.  


There are several issues that need to be addressed during a divorce. These include child custody, child support, time sharing, alimony/spousal support, and asset & debt division - equitable distribution. I can try and work amicably with your spouse in these matters, using uncontested divorce, mediation or other methods when possible. If this is not possible due to disagreements and confrontations, I can pursue a contested divorce to help you reach a satisfactory divorce agreement.

Other Family Law Issues: Modification, Paternity, Child Support

In addition to the initial divorce filing by spouses, I know that there can be other family law issues that can arise following a divorce or when the parties were not married. Such things as paternity, relocation, and support & custody modifications, will need to be individually addressed when they apply to your situation. Whatever your family law needs, you can feel secure that I will help you throughout the process.

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