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Back and Neck Pain After An Auto Accident

A serious auto accident will involve a significant amount of physical force on a vehicle occupant’s body. Soft Tissue or "Whiplash" is a common cause of neck and back injuries resulting from an auto accident. During a crash, the speed and force creates a dramatic acceleration/deceleration that the body is not prepared for. Sometimes these injuries can be repaired through physical medicine or pain management intervention as well as chiropractic treatment.

In my personal injury practice I have helped numerous clients with neck and back pain find the proper course of treatment appropriate for their injury. In addition to setting you up with the right doctors for your specific treatment, I work diligently to assist my clients in obtaining a proper recovery for damages caused by a negligent party. I will pursue a damages award to cover the medical bills, lost earnings and pain and suffering compensation from the individual or corporation that caused your injury.

If you are experiencing pain in your neck or back after an auto accident, getting an accurate diagnosis of your injuries quickly after the incident.  It is important to be informed and to utilize qualified doctors, therapists and experienced attorneys to help you fully recover. Call me today at 386-693-3293



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