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Flagler Beach Business Litigation Attorney

Running a business is always a challenge and it can become even more so when there are legal disputes. I am available to both help your business avoid disputes and fight for you once they arise. Good legal planning can go a long way in eliminating problems early.

However, there are times when litigation is required if parties are not meeting the obligations under a contract, lease or partnership agreement. I am available to help you enforce your agreements or seek damages owed when there is a breach of contract.

Commercial Leases

The State of Florida has very specific legal rights and obligations regarding the landlord and tenant relationship. Depending on your position in the relationship, a small mistake in your approach can have serious consequences.

It is advisable to speak with a Landlord Tenant Attorney prior to making any decision that could lead to a serious mistake. While most people think exclusively about eviction with regard to landlord tenant law it is also advisable to seek legal counsel when entering into a lease. This is particularly important when signing a commercial lease. The lease you sign could have a serious impact on the success or failure of your business.

Services include:

  • Breach of Contract Claims

  • Arbitration

  • Lease Review

  • Commercial Lease Drafting

  • Eviction Proceedings

  • Eviction Defense

  • Unlawful Detainer

  • Contract Negotiations

Business Litigation Attorney
Time is of the Essence!
Please call me at 386-693-3293 to schedule a free 30 minute consultation about your business issue. I know these legal issues are time sensitive and I commit to return your call with 24 hours.
I Offer Commercial Legal Representation throughout Flagler County
Are you a Tenant?

If you find you have received notice to quit or an eviction complaint it is important to contact a lawyer right away.  Florida law favors the landlord in most situations. The law in our state is geared to get you out fast. There are available defenses but you must act quickly.

Are you a Landlord?

Is your tenant not making their payments? Do you have a holdover tenant or other lease violation?

Florida law provides various avenues to remove a tenant depending on the specific circumstances. While an eviction may seem straight forward, the facts will determine the proper approach. If the proper steps are not followed you may allow certain defenses which will prolong to the time to regain possession and therefore costing you additional rental revenue.

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