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Being a Biker in Florida is both Fun and Really Dangerous.

It does not matter if you ride a new carbon fiber road bike, an old hard tail mountain bike or a classic Harley Davidson, if you ride on two wheels anywhere in Florida you know the fantastic views of the ocean and our beautiful tree lined back roads and trails. The problem is we are not always visible o passenger cars and in some instances we are disliked by these drivers.

I have had people in cars throw things at me while cycling and laugh as I fell off the road and other come so close to me I could reach out and grab something from inside the vehicle.

My point to all of this, is to ask the motoring public to PLEASE be aware while driving. As the weather turns for the better I am seeing more and more people on two wheels throughout Flagler County and the surrounding areas. Cycling accidents will be on the rise in the next few months but I hope at least some of then can be avoided. #bicycleaccidents, #bikeraccidents



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