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Halloween Dangers - I am not talking about Ghosts

Halloween has increased dramatically in popularity over the years. When I was a child it was a big deal, but these days it has become one of the major holiday evenings in our nation. Not only has it become big business for kids but it has taken on a new life as an adult holiday as well.

While we always need to be safe when we are out on the streets after dark I want to remind everyone to be extra cautious on Halloween. There will be more children on the streets tonight than any other evening of the year.

I am asking everyone to be extremely careful and while your are out protecting yourself from ghosts, zombies and demons remember to pay attention to cars. While a ghoul has little chance of harming a pedestrian, a car can cause serious injury and possibly death.

While Drivers need to be extra cautious, trick or treaters can also do a few extra things to help them stay safe. If possible were some reflective tape or other material. Many popular costumes tend to be dark for obvious reasons but it is important to be visible. If a reflective material ruins the look of your vampire outfit, then carry a flashlight, or wear a small light or glow sticks. Remember it is going to be dark out and you may be difficult to see.

Always trick or treat as a group. Never head out alone. There is safety in numbers. And of course never enter a strangers home or vehicle.

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