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Timing is Really Important in a Personal Injury Claim.

The person that came up with the old phrase "Timing Is Everything" must have been speaking about personal injury legal claims. The law is a maze of timing and deadlines regardless of the type,of case but with personal injury it can be even more confusing nd more important. While nearly every legal case has a statute of limitations in states like Florida there are 2 separate SOL's depending on whether or not the claim is for medical negligence. For most personal injury claims in Florida you will haven 4 years from the time of the incident to file a lawsuit. If your claim involves medical malpractice the sol dros to 2 years from the incident or when the incident is discovered. This can be very complicated and if you have ny suspicion of medical malpractice in suggest you contact an attorney right away.

In addition to a statute of limitations many states also have what is known as a Statute of Repose. This pertains mainly to building construction and in terms and of personal injury, the area known as products liability law. A statute of repose places a limit on your ability to bring a claim from then time it was put into the market. In other words, if a state has a 10 year statute of repose ano you have an accident in 2005 automobile because the steering failed in 2018 the SOR would bar you from bringing a claim against the auto maker for a defective product. However, it would not bar you from bringing a possible negligence claim against the Person or company that may have maintained the steering mechanism in the car.

If you have been injured by another persons or companies negligence it I say important to speak with a personal injury lawyer to help you navigate the crucial timing issues that's can doom your claim.



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